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About Us.

Bon impressions

Bon Impressions

Our success mantra; "Good Is the Enemy of Great".

We focus on taking our clients from Good to Great, by assisting them in going from where they are to where they want to be… in their personal, professional, or business life.

As an organization, Bon Impressions, deals with Coaching, Mentoring, and Consulting to assist clients in enhancing performance & productivity, bringing in work-life balance, effective prioritisation, improving emotional intelligence, developing leadership skills, personal branding, and non-verbal communication, in order to have a fulfilling and meaningful life.

We are a team of certified coaches and psychologists dedicated to working with clients by supporting them for their best advantage and expressing their highest potential to take their life from Good to Great.

Impossible isn't something that hasn't been done. It's Just something to which you are yet to say...

I'm [Possible]


Saransh is our mental health outreach that focuses on creating ‘Happy Livings”.

Our seasoned and qualified psychologists, work with clients to support them through their emotional and mental health challenges, that come in the way of them fully realising their potential and living happier lives.

We focus on making clients assertive and confident so that they can navigate their life hurdles with ease. Our mission is to make mental health priority, convenient and affordable: so that we can create Happy Livings.

We specialise in Teenage challenges, Relationship issues, Emotional Challenges, Grief & Loss, Separation, Work-Life Balance, Anger Management, Stress Management, Anxiety, Depression, and Developing Focus.

Saransh Counselling

Founder & Head Psychologist

Nidhi Sharma

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A Counseling Psychologist by profession, Nidhi is also a certified Life & Career Coach, Family Therapist and an NLP practitioner.

She is the catalyst that transforms your spark into a fire.

With 14+ years of experience, Nidhi has conducted over 500+ training, trained over 2000+ people, and worked with more than 50 organizations. She has counseled and coached over 200 people, being age agnostic to include youngsters and senior management.

Her forte is Behaviour Transformations, Personal Development, and Growth Mindset.


Her motto “Good is the enemy of great” and hence her success mantra is to take life from Good to Great.

Nidhi Sharma- Founder & Head Psychologist
Zahabiya - Clinical Psychologist

CLinical Psychologist

Zahabiya Rangoonwala

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As a psychologist, Zahabiya believes that we all have the potential to achieve our desired state of being with the right guidance and assistance.

With her educational background in clinical psychology, Zahabiya picks up on signs of clinical distress and gently guides the clients in the direction that can help them create Happy Livings.

Our young psychologist brings in a better understanding of newer trends and the stress that accompanies them. She works closely with adolescents, teens, and young adults to support them in their journey from ‘good to great’.

Zahabiya has a Master’s degree in Psychology, she is also a certified family therapy practitioner as well as a solution-focused brief therapy practitioner.

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