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Bon Impressions Coaching


Our life coaching services help you unlock your true potential by assisting you to recognise what it is that you want to work towards and how you can work to achieve it.

Coaching is about supporting fully functioning individuals, who are looking to create a pathway to reaching their goals. In this process, individuals learn rather than being taught.

Our coaches aim to partner with the clients in a thought-provoking manner to help them maximise their personal & professional aspirations for their journey from Good to Great.

This is done in two formats: Individual coaching, which is one-on-one with a coach. And Group coaching, for employees of corporates, who have similar goals or expertise. 



Counselling involves working with a psychologist or a trained therapist about our emotional challenges and finding ways to cope with them to the best of your abilities.

Our qualified counselling and clinical psychologists provide a safe and confidential environment to discuss clients’ dilemmas, confusions & difficulties, customising each session as per the clients’ needs.

We do not follow a one size fits all approach, our counselling is eclectic and customised to address the needs of the clients' counselling objectives.

Saransh Counselling
Facilitaed traing
Facilitated Trainings

Facilitated Training

Facilitated Trainings are services where our knowledgeable and experienced trainers/facilitators work with participants to support their growth objectives.

We use a facilitative approach for a variety of behavioral skill programs that encourage the participants to take a participative stance in their learning with the help of discussions, q&a, focused activities, audio & video to enhance learning

This can be especially useful in the case of up-skilling competencies in a corporate.


Employee Assistance Program

This program is designed specifically to assist employees with any emotional or mental health challenges they may be experiencing.
EAP is a counselor-on-call service that organisations provide for their employees.

Our counsellors are available 24x7 to assist the employees with a broad range of complex issues affecting their well-being like grief, stress, work pressures, performance issues, family problems, daily life challenges, work-life balance, health challenges etc.

There are several benefits to this program both for employees as well as the organization.

Employee Assistance Program
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